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About Generalfit

GENERALFIT is a leading manufacturer of household appliances, specializing in bucket and rocket vacuum cleaners. Our factory produces all our products in-house, including the exclusive motor made in Iran.

Driven by a passion for revolutionizing the cleaning industry, Generalfit aims to provide innovative solutions that enhance the lives of customers and contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Generalfit Corporation

The best manufacturer of vacuum cleaners in Iran

Our Initiatives

Making a Positive Impact and Transforming Lives


Using a powerful and low-consumption engine to create a sense of quality.


Using a two-propeller motor for more suction in bucket vacuum cleaners.


Promoting Sustainable Practices for a Greener Future

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A Clean Future

General Fit vacuum cleaners feature a unique two-propeller motor for efficient dust suction, earning a prominent spot among household appliances. Committed to eco-friendliness, General Fit designs its products with a focus on energy efficiency and environmental compatibility.

From Struggle to Success

Check out these multi-functional products designed to efficiently handle both water and dirt simultaneously. By utilizing three motors dedicated to water and soil extraction, these devices offer powerful suction capabilities, catering to the diverse needs of various users.

Quick cooking solutions

Using a quick solution to prepare raw materials for all kinds of foods, General Fit was able to produce and market a 7-function chopper with a capacity of 2 liters.

From Struggle to Success

GENERALFIT became the first and only producer of two-propeller engines by setting up the TSJ factory for the production and productivity of vacuum cleaner engines.

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